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Most paint problems and painting mistakes are correctable. At Adam Painting we have solutions for the most common interior paint problems:

- Blistering: Bubbles resulting from localized loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint film from underlying surface wet surface.

- Blocking: Undesirable sticking together of two painted surfaces when pressed together (e.g., a door sticking to the jamb).

- Burnishing: Increase in gloss or sheen of paint film when subjected to rubbing, scrubbing or having an object brush up against it.

- Cracking/Flaking: The splitting of a dry paint film through at least one coat as a result of aging, which ultimately will lead to complete failure of the paint. In its early stages, the problem appears as hairline cracks; in its later stages, flaking occurs.

- Foaming/Cratering: Formation of bubbles (foaming) and resulting small, round concave depressions (cratering) when bubbles break in a paint film, during paint application and drying.

Framing: Appearance of a denser colour or increased gloss where wet and dry layers overlap during paint application.

Mildew: Black, grey or brown spots or areas on the surface of paint or sealant.

Mud Cracking: Deep, irregular cracks resembling dried mud in dry paint film

Poor Flow/Levelling: Failure of paint to dry to a smooth film, resulting in unsightly brush and roller marks after the paint dries.


In addition, Adam Painting provides mould removal and mould remediation service, which aims to identify the cause of the mould problems and offer the best recommendations and solutions for our valued customers. Our mould remediation experts use cutting-edge technologies and equipment that will work against mould outbreak and spore germination. Through this, Adam Painting can give you a hundred percent guarantee that you will get the best results of the service.


Aside from the equipment, our professional mould remediation system strictly follows the guidelines and requirements when dealing with biological hazards, leaving your home safe and free from dangerous mould.